‘Faith, Hope and Charity’ Masonic watch FAQ

How do I buy one?

The Tag Heuer ‘Faith, Hope and Charity’ Masonic watch can be purchased by accessing the following weblink: https://limitededitions.andrewmichaels.co.uk/

What are the payment options?

These are entirely flexible; however, you will be required to pay a minimum deposit of £200 per watch when the order is placed. The £200 deposit reserves your watch in the production run with Tag Heuer in Switzerland.

You can, of course, pay the full amount at this time or any amount above the minimum deposit if you wish. Prior to delivery, you will be required to pay the balance or elect to spread the payment for your watch over a longer period.

We offer interest-free finance over a maximum period of 24 months, subject to qualifying criteria being met. Further details on the financing option available can be found on the website.

Can I buy one on the High Street?

This offer is not available on the High Street. To keep the offer exclusive to those in Freemasonry, TAG Heuer has exclusively partnered with a single jeweller (Andrew Michaels Jewellers) with whom they have a well-established and long-standing relationship. You can of course order this watch, and collect it in person once manufactured, directly from Andrew Michael’s Jewellers by attending their shop in Newark 38/39 Stodman Street, Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG24 1AW

Can I buy more than one?

Yes. We have recognised that customers may seek to purchase this watch as a family heirloom with a view to passing it on to others.

If I don’t want to purchase one now, can I buy one in the future?

Possibly, however, there will be a single production run of watches for the UK market that will be available strictly on a first come, first served basis. We anticipate that this will be an extremely popular project and so we advise ordering your watch without delay and whilst stock is available.

Is it right that each purchase will generate money for Masonic charities?

Yes. We will be making a donation to the Masonic Charitable Fund (MCF) of £25 per watch sold. This will amount to a substantial sum which will help them in their incredibly important work.

How long will it take to receive my watch?

These bespoke UK Freemasons watches are hand made in Switzerland by Tag Heuer as a single production run, and whilst it is difficult to be precise as to when they will be completed, we will endeavour to make them available as soon as possible. The normal time scale given for limited editions projects is circa 12 months from the acceptance of the order by the Swiss. As we have given customers an order window of 4 months, it could conceivably be circa 16 months as a worst-case scenario for the customers that order on the first day that the project is live. We will, of course, ensure that you are regularly updated on progress from the point of order up until the time your watch is delivered.

How will I receive my watch?

There will be the option to have your watch sent through secure post or to collect it directly from Andrew Michaels Jewellers in Newark (by appointment only). Collecting your watch in person will allow you to be shown the functionality of the watch, have it sized (if the bracelet option is ordered) and to ask any questions you may have. If you choose to have the watch sent to you and you select the bracelet option then you will be required to have any adjustments made yourself. This can be arranged through an authorised Tag Heuer dealer or any competent jeweller.

Can I have the watch personalised with details that do not relate to Freemasonary?

Yes. You can opt to have any details engraved on the rear of the watch subject to a strict character limit of 50 including spaces. Suggestions for customisation could include name, initiation date, installation date (if relevant), lodge name and number.

Will Tag Heuer offer this watch again in the future?

No, being a limited edition, this is a one-off offer for UK Freemasons.

Can I cancel my order at any stage?

You will be able to cancel your purchase within 14 days after placing your original order. After this period any request to cancel the order will be declined and your deposit will be lost.

It looks very much like the Tag Carrera, is it similar?

The Carrera has been in the Tag Heuer catalogue since 1963 and is considered one of the most aesthetically pleasing and perfectly conceived watches of its kind. Using this classic watch as a basis for the design, and bespoking it for Freemasons has ensured that the ‘Faith, Hope and Charity’ Masonic watch remains a stylish and versatile timepiece whilst incorporating a number of subtle variations, making it both unique and entirely relevant to Freemasonry. It will doubtless become collectable and take its place in the history of Carrera watches - a full history of which can be found on the AMJ website.

Are there any options on the strap or dial colour?

The colour of the dial is intrinsic to the design of the ‘Faith, Hope and Charity’ Masonic watch and is not available with an alternative option. The watch is, however, available with a choice of either a leather strap or a steel bracelet at no extra cost. Additional/alternative straps may be purchased as part of the order for those who prefer to retain a choice between the two.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes. The TAG Heuer international two-year parts and labour guarantee accompanies every ‘Faith, Hope and Charity’ Masonic watch.

If something goes wrong during the guarantee period how do I get the watch repaired?

The watch can be returned to Andrew Michaels Jewellers who will liaise directly with TAG Heuer. Alternatively, you can take it to any authorised Tag Heuer dealer who will be able to arrange for any necessary repair.

Can I use any Tag retailer to have the watch serviced?

Yes, however, Andrew Michaels Jewellers would be delighted to provide ongoing support and service at a discounted rate to that offered by other retailers.

What will be provided with my ‘Faith, Hope and Charity’ Masonic watch?

Each watch will be supplied with TAG Heuer’s standard storage box, a certificate of authenticity and guarantee documentation.

Will my caseback and engraving look the same as the mockup

In terms of the engraving, the spacing and look may be slightly different but all the information you require will be on there. The caseback may be non-aligned in some instances, This is purely down to the fact that TAG Heuer needs to tighten the case backs to a certain specific tolerance to achieve the necessary water resistance. This tightening process will determine the actual alignment. Every case back is likely to have its own specific orientation.

Whilst we hope this document has answered most of the questions you may have, please feel free to call Andrew Michaels Jewellers direct on 01636 679638 or email on [email protected] if your question is not covered above or if you’d like to discuss any of the points further.